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جروب للثانوية العامة سواء رياضة او علوم.. في ناس طلبت اني اعمل جروب وتساعدوا بعض .. اتفضلوا ادخلوا
2019/01/17 16:06
Don't compare me to other people, I'm not like them, I'm ME.
2019/01/17 15:47
- أبتسمَ في وجهَ احبابكَ واعدائَك أكثرٰ
2019/01/17 15:47
Take a chance, you never know what might happen.
2019/01/17 15:47
“I just want to be loved..”
2019/01/17 15:47
2019/01/17 15:47
2019/01/17 15:47
Stay with me whatever what happened between us..
2019/01/17 15:17
Black and white are very nice things I have met.
2019/01/17 12:13
– كنت فاكركوا سند طلعتوا حيطة مايلة
2019/01/17 04:43
– كنت محتاج ال يحبني ف الاوقات ال بكره فيها كل حاجة حتى نفسي
2019/01/17 04:43
– كنت محتاج حد يقولي مش مهم هنقضي كل الحزن ده مع بعض عادي
2019/01/17 04:43
– كنت دايما اسأل عليكم و اسألكم مالكم بس محدش بادلني نفس الاهتمام
2019/01/17 04:43
– كنت عايز حد ميملش مني
2019/01/17 04:43
– كنت بساعدكوا و نا محتاج ال يساعدني
2019/01/17 04:43
– كنت عاوز حد يستاهل اخليه يشاركني الحاجات ال بحبها
2019/01/17 04:39
– كنت محتاج حد يفهمني
2019/01/17 04:38
I fucked it... I'm really sorry.
2019/01/17 00:31
Nope... You're not in my mind any more.
2019/01/16 19:12
Take me to the light.
2019/01/16 18:05
My room is so quiet and empty it hurts.🙇‍♀
2019/01/16 15:34
We cannot tear out a single page of our life, but we can throw the whole book in the fire.
2019/01/16 15:31
Some people are just not meant to be in this world. It's just too much for them.
2019/01/16 15:01
But I didn't mean to drown myself. I meant to swim till I sank...but that's not the same thing...
2019/01/16 14:58
Coz inner demons fight their battles with fire,🔥 inner demons don't play by the rules.🙅‍♀
2019/01/16 12:41
I'm a mess 🙆🏻‍♀️
2019/01/16 03:59
Stop hurt us..... I'm inside you
2019/01/16 03:40
I run away.. I think I'm good. I never really under stood..
2019/01/16 03:32
Only I need my old psychology
2019/01/16 03:24

2019/01/16 02:59
Just let me hug you like that the last hug between us..
2019/01/16 02:50
_what in your mind? =you...
2019/01/16 02:46
I can't speak to anyone, just let me cry.
2019/01/16 02:44
I don't know what inside me, but it's so hurt.
2019/01/16 02:42
‏يا غايب اشتقنالك !'
2019/01/16 01:04
Sorry for my unnone lover...
2019/01/16 00:47
In the darkness and my demons and the voices...see nothing gonna be okay...
2019/01/16 00:41
You know it's reality when you see a hospital bed with no vitality🙄💔
2019/01/16 00:12
How to be brave.. How can I love when I am afraid...
2019/01/16 00:00
She always wears black but she has the most colorful mind🖤✨
2019/01/15 23:56
Isn't it lovely! , all alone .. heart made of glass my mind of stone. '')
2019/01/15 23:35
Everything gonna be alright... Everything gonna be okay.
2019/01/15 23:32
That moment when you're in the middle of a laugh and stop, knowing that you don't deserve to be happy...
2019/01/15 19:03
‏انا زهقت من كُتر ما بفتح سوشيال ميديا الاقى الناس كلها حزينه ومجروحه ومُكتئبه ، امال مين اللى سعيد فى حياته يا جماعه؟ والمصيبة انكم بتسمعوا اغاني وتعيشوا جو الكآبة هي الاغاني اه صح بتوصف مشاكلك و خنقتك بس القرأن بيحلها مش بيوصفها خليك واثق ان ربنا مش هيسيبك ومش حابب يشوفك زعلان نت قرب منه وهتلاقيه بيحللك كل مشاكلك وبيسعدك فوق ما نت متخيل . -القرأن هو الحل
2019/01/15 16:18
I said I don't wanna you in my life or my mind any more ... But i never said I hated you 🎀
2019/01/15 12:44
وكلهم ملاك ف روايتهم.
2019/01/15 12:42
*In my world the only thing there is a music, Me, And all I wanted that is not in your world*
2019/01/15 12:30
"He looked at her like a Blind man , seeing the sun for the first time."❤️
2019/01/15 07:56
Stranger can make us happy unless our friends
2019/01/15 02:19
One day I will dissappear and will not find someone like me... Ever
2019/01/15 01:57
I’m so glad, I live in a world where there are “Octobers”..🍂💛’ . .
2019/01/15 01:55
I'm dying slowly and quietly...CAN'T YOU SEE!!...Help...Please..
2019/01/14 23:40
I just wanna say to everyone in my life... Go to hell please 🔥🙃
2019/01/14 20:44
I tried so hard to make you feel better don't be mean and say to me she makes you feel better...
2019/01/14 20:15
You know you love someone when all you want to do is make them happy, do anything for them and make them feel wanted and loved.
2019/01/14 11:50
The best feeling in the world is listening to someone's heart beat knowing it's beating like that because of you.
2019/01/14 11:50
When I imagine your face before my eyes And I hear your voice echoing I throw myself at your feet For you’re my soul… my damnation! How am I not supposed to call out for you… While you’re the one who painted my life in black? I adore you… even though you don’t love me back Enough of this harshness! Pull me out of the flames Pull me… Your love has struck me sick Come closer… I can see you Tell me, why do I love you this much? Pull me out of the flames Have mercy on me, I beg you I adore you, I adore you Forever, I will adore you When the night turns into day And the land becomes arid My mind starts racing with thoughts Do I choose you over my happiness? I’m in a state of psychosis I’m having conversations with you in my mind I adore you… even though you don’t love me back Enough of this harshness Pull me out of the flames Come closer… I can see you Pull me… Your love has struck me sick Tell me, why do I love you this much? Pull me out of the flames Have mercy on me, I beg you I adore you, I adore you Forever, I will adore you Pull me out of the flames I adore you
2019/01/14 11:47
صباح الخير ،أتمنى للجميع صباح بمزاجٍ جيد اليوم . Good morning, I wish all morning a good mood today.
2019/01/14 11:30
‏يتكدّس في ذراعيك العناق الذي تتمناه ولا يأتي.
2019/01/14 02:36
‏لم يذهبا، لقد بقي كلًا منهما على طرفٍ من أطراف الطريق يلوّح.
2019/01/14 02:36
‏أن يصل المرء اعلى مراحل التبلد، ويصل إلى وجع لا يُطاق ومع ذلك يضحك بهستره.
2019/01/14 02:36
The shirt that you let me wear home❣
2019/01/14 00:43
Gold chain beneath your shirt 🎀✨
2019/01/14 00:41
Kiss me until I can't speak💖✨
2019/01/14 00:39
Gold leaf across your lips 🌸♥️
2019/01/14 00:36
Finger tips against my cheek✨
2019/01/14 00:33
Gold in your fingertips ✨🌸
2019/01/14 00:33
It's not like me to be so mean you're all i wanted 💖just let me hold you like a hostage.. 🔐🌑
2019/01/14 00:20
I will build a wall, give you a ball and chain🖤✨
2019/01/14 00:18
"Let me crawl inside your veins" "دَعني ازْحف داخل عروقك"
2019/01/14 00:17
Love doesn't takes us only to life, or death there is no middle. ‏لايأخذنا الحب إلا الى الحياة،أو الموت ليس هناك منتصف.
2019/01/13 22:00