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Before doing anything please read this message carefully: IMEO 2019 booklet is out! You may download the booklet from this link: Note that this file is only available for our site users so all you need is a ION account which is free and it can be created in a few seconds. to create ION account you can use to register in our site using your social media (Facebook, Google, Twitter): Or register directly via your email: After you created your account you should login to and then reach the file to download :) You can find some tutorials on ION network (about registration and etc.) here: For any technical problems you can contact us via: *IMPORTANT: This file includes copyright and has a special hash for every download. So if we find it on the net, it is super easy for us to find you. So instead of direct sharing the file use this method. Thanks for your understanding
2019/10/13 11:46
Whatever was offered to you was a trick
2019/09/23 00:36
IMEO 2019 Instagram challenge Take photos of you and your friends when you are done with IMEO or make graphic designs and: 1. Post your photos on Instagram 2. Include these hashtags: #myimeco #imeo2019 3. Tag @myimeco in your picture The photo with more insights will get a total of 0.001 Bitcoin Cash🤩 #share it with your friends and don’t lose this chance🤗 @myimeco
2019/08/29 13:36
TEST MAIL 2: We have just sent a second test mail which includes an invitation link to telegram discussion of the IMEO 2019. Still have problem receiving the test mail? #imeo #2019
2019/08/19 20:00
Right now we have sent a test mail to people who have registered in the event. Please check your inbox, spam folder and all other related folders carefully and if you don't see the test mail from IMEO, please re-enter your email and name in #imeo #2019 @myimeco
2019/08/10 20:43
19 hours down time last month but now up 99.5% with lots of cool features Read here: for more info subscribe to @myion
2019/06/01 20:56
Nepal 3rd IMO TST. Read more here: @myimeco #Nepal #TST #2019 #UK #Bath #IMO #NEWS
2019/05/12 12:55
Download Iran 2nd round problems from Hexonet: Translated by Amin Hashemi, Negin Karimi Subscribe to @myimeco for more articles Edit: P2: AT is the angle bisector of BAC
2019/05/09 12:46
You are invited to join the most powerful ecosystem in the world. a new era of education has arrived. IMECO Open Network read more: register: register with Telegram: More info at: @myion
2019/05/07 21:57
GTA Method of study This article provides a really new method of study to all people specially Olympians. I dedicate this article to my dear special friend. HBD Bro! #published #blueore See more at:
2019/05/07 01:37
IMECO Open Network has been launched🎉 read info at register now at @myimeco @myion #ION
2019/04/25 20:55
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2019/04/18 16:45
🛡Join LAB Network to use the new ION based ecosystem deploying on Telegram Please #forward this message to your friends to invite them to join LAB Network or easily share with them. 🔐DUE TO improving security and to prevent spam attacks, we cannot share group links directly. ONLY available in buttons. @myimeco, a new era of education
2019/04/18 16:45
😍Give us a huge positive energy by writing a positive review for us: Invite your friends to write a review and let's have fun together😆 If you invited 5 of your friends, please get a screenshot of their review before posting and send us to so that we will verify and 10% of applications will win a special thing🙀 Who knows? maybe you are among 10% @myimeco
2019/04/04 22:23
WHAT TO DO THE DAY BEFORE A TEST​ This article provides 12 useful exam tips for Olympians. ​ #published #blueore see more at @iXplore
2019/03/31 03:55
🔵 BECOME THE REGISTRANT OF YOUR COUNTRY Download the application form and fill it out. Then send the filled form with required documents to via email. Note that as much as your information is complete, then it would be easier to be accepted as a Registrant. P.S: Note that some fields are special for Tech Companies to apply for @hexacloudspace. So it is not required to fill out all fields. But the more complete your information is, it would be easier for us to analyze your request for becoming a registrant
2019/03/15 20:41
✅ IMECO invites all math lovers and Olympiad mentors to propose challenging problems for this competition. If you are an Olympiad mentor, former Olympian or any other type of person who can propose great problems, you are welcome to apply for your proposed problem via the following portal. If your proposal is great enough, it will be used in the competition and you will get a proposal certificate+an IMSC membership and if the proposal is a masterpiece, then you will become a team member. Who knows?! Try it
2019/03/15 19:46
Subscribe to our newsletter for great mathematical stuff here: Let's spread the word We all love mathematics❤ @myimeco
2019/03/09 22:19
First Winter Camp has just finished ✅ Read more: @myimeco
2019/02/21 14:29
IMECO Open Network Academy is now becoming active... ION Academy is now accessible on the internet via If you are interested to be a teacher in ION Academy(IGFOS) or you are a student wish to have our support for Olympiad, please make sure to ckech the site. #IGFOS #ION_Academy Quick Access: Website: Teacher Application: Student Application:
2019/02/06 19:14
Less than 500 tickets left for IMEO 2019 Reserve your ticket NOW and make sure to subscribe to our social media for further information @imeo_official
2019/01/13 23:21
Angular Tournament results and problems are out! Check here for more information: @myimeco , a new era of education
2019/01/11 17:43
Check out for jobs in IMECO here: BTW we accept applications in a new way. please read the instructions completely
2019/01/04 13:26
Hi guys, happy new year. We've selected to be special with the new IMECO brand holding. I just launched the site for the new year. You can subscribe to its social media below: Telegram: @hexacloudspace Instagram: @hexacloudspace with regards.
2018/12/31 23:58
Angular Problems will be sent to registered members via email On 02 Jan 2019 08: 30 AM Europe/Amsterdam All necessary information is written in the file...
2018/12/30 16:57
Get ready for angular 2019 😊 Yesterday was the last day of registration in the event and now you can see a few stats of the event at: @myimeco, a new era of education
2018/12/27 12:57
we are so sorry that the registration portal was closed until now. you can now register via on our website and go to to register in the event. because of our mistake, the deadline will be extended for 6 days. so, **DEADLINE: December 26, 2018 ** with special respect to all mathematicians, IMECO IT Team
2018/12/06 00:02
Welcome to the Angular Tournament of Mathematics 2019. A new insight through mathematical problems. Hosted by International Mathematical Excellence Company Take it at home on January 2-6, 2019... To register in this event, please make sure you are logged in to your ION account here: If you don't have an account yet, please create your FREE account here: After you are logged in, enter Angular Portal: to register in the event DEADLINE: December 20, 2018
2018/12/03 23:20
The 6th #ASPINO has just started! Download problems at If you’re not a member of our site, you should first register at: try new features on the website including new login portal and a higher security Read the instructions carefully! don't forget to rate this service 😉 More info at @myimeco IMPORTANT: Romanian students cannot access our website(you can find the reason in my telegram channel: so if you are a romanian student, please send us a message in our bot: @myimecobot
2018/11/01 11:56
🆘Romania will be blocked soon... Read here about why we are going to block Romania, accessing our servers and site:
2018/10/14 05:22
The 5th #ASPINO has just started! Download problems at If you’re not a member of our site, you should first register at: Read the instructions carefully! don't forget to rate this service 😉 More info at @myimeco
2018/10/11 17:41
IMECO is proud to introduce the first open source E2E license, UNICENSE. a universal license by IMECO is now released on for those who are interested in using our #ION platform. more information about this license is written on the UNICENSE page(use above link). it's free! try it😉 @myimeco
2018/10/11 12:09
We are so proud to say that our website was successfully approved by Google, Bing, Yandex last week. Also, as we got from report, our website is faster than😍 We have launched a swift version of the site last week. Try it! More info at @iXplore about the swift site.
2018/10/04 08:56
The 4th #ASPINO has just started! Download problems at If you’re not a member of our site, you should first register at: Read the instructions carefully! More info at @myimeco
2018/10/04 08:50
Read about our amazing website updates here: @iXplore
2018/09/29 18:19
The third #ASPINO has just started! Download problems at If you\’re not a member of our site, you should first register at: Read the instructions carefully! More info at @myimeco
2018/09/25 14:20
The second #ASPINO has just started! Download problems at If you're not a member of our site, you should first register at: Read the instructions carefully! More info at @myimeco
2018/09/19 11:39
My book is finally published on Amazon! Get your copy at Sample Chapters: Version 1.2. added to the website. Download link: Password: Riemann
2018/09/18 09:23
Yearly review About one year ago(August 14) #IMECO was founded and we have hosted for our first free event on September 15,2017- the first #IMEO Now we want you please to write your honest comments about us(services, company, new ideas, our co-workers, etc.) to @myimecobot You won't be tracked. So please be honest Thank you very much, @myimeco
2018/09/11 20:00
The first ASPINO has just started! First login to your account in our website and download peoblems from following like: Still not a member? Register here
2018/09/07 06:10
Unfortunately the dashboard is not accessible. We try to fix it as soon as possible. Instead you can use the links at the buttom of the site to access your private area. My files: files we upload for you My pages: your results and etc My account: your info in ION project All these info are private and will only be decrypted for you. We encrypt with a special E2E method. You are protected. Register now More info at @myimeco
2018/09/02 16:40
#important Enter your username as your full name(recommended) For example if you are John Smith then select your username as johnsmith It would be easier for us to get in touch with you
2018/09/01 23:54
ASPINO problems will be uploaded to private portal of registered users. Access your private area via:
2018/09/01 22:56
Now you can register easier in #ION project.... Have your portal in our website directly by registering via following link: Just click on a button to sign up. For more security we have designed our E2E encrypted portal and won't use google forms to collect your private info. Note that if we see any wrong info, we will inactivate/delete your account and decrypt your account and will give your ip address and info to your local police department and there will be some bad happenings. So please be careful about your enteries. We will take care of your info @myimeco
2018/09/01 22:45
Welcome to ASPINO... The next generation of mathematical mock Olympiads. It is only available for ION users. If you are interested to participate, please register in ION project. More info at @myimeco
2018/09/01 05:50
IMECO is back with another great update in #ION project... The 4th phase of ION project is up for teachers. If you're a good Olympiad mentor and wish to host for online courses, you are welcome to. To become a teacher in ION project, please apply for following information to via email: ✅Full name ✅Country ✅Email ✅Phone number ✅Adress ✅Place of work ✅Your photo ✅Mathematical Resumé Only we accept a limited number of teachers😊 More info at @myimeco
2018/08/31 15:39
IMECO is now proudly hosting for the first international off-topic telegram group. Please use the follwing link to join the GALAXY 11 and before you send your first post, read rules #forward_to_your_friends @myimeco
2018/08/27 19:12
Unfortunately Our site was down in last 18 hours! There was a problem on server side It is up again! Enjoy it and if you hadn't register in our event, you are most welcome to sign up now. #downtime #site @myimeco
2018/08/26 19:25
To register in International Mathematical Excellence Olympiad 2019, please visit following url: More info at @imeo_official
2018/08/21 19:42
IMECO is now proudly releasing the #ION project to all around the world. To the people who are interested to become the agent of their countries in our company and have a role in our international project. To join this project as an agent please send the following details to via email: ✅Full name ✅Country ✅Email ✅Phone number ✅Adress ✅Place of work ✅The adress of branch(which the students can visit you) ✅Your photo ✅Mathematical Resumé After your data is accepted by IMECO DPO, we will assing you as our agent in your country. Cool?!? Try it now... More info at @myimeco
2018/08/05 16:27
The next service by IMECO is iMENA or MENA International Mathematical Excellence News Agency The most important news in mathematics by #MENA Invite your friends to @myimeco to enjoy these feaures
2018/08/03 00:20
#ION is: • Open for learning • Open to help • Open to change • Open for all • Open to new frontiers • Open to new friends • Open to the world • Open to the future 🔰Register now🔰 and become a #ION user🤩 @myimeco
2018/07/27 13:01
🔥Register in #ION project to get your Smart Edge portal... Register now via following link and after your data is verified we will give you your ION account which is so 🆒! Interesting? 🆕🆓🆒 💎Register now: Now we serve for olympiad mentors or schools which want their students go high and have the standard exams and materials to study
2018/07/19 20:46
✳️Coincident IMO is finally done! We hosted for the first international #CIMO in 2018 and below is a short report of this contest. Unfortunately we had some problems in hosting it this year and so we hosted for after the #IMO was completely done in Cluj, Romania. We are so sorry about this and we try to don't repeat this problem again. Although we were too late hosting the CIMO, we got +2300 registrations and we had +1900 applies for the answers which is so great. We wish this number will increase in next years. Below is the list of medalists of this contest: Armita Mohammadi, Iran (38) →G Nikola Zervus, Spain(38) →G Alice Jeremy, USA (35) →S Arkan Meslai, Turkey (34) →S Ilya Alpha, Israel (30) →B Ebrahim Al-Anvar, Kuwait (26) → B Aisel Andrei, Romania (19) → HM Mohammad Alipour, Iran (14) → HM @myimeco 📄More details are available at @iXplore
2018/07/15 23:03
IMECO is so proud to introduce the next FREE service; IGFOS🤩 International Golden Future Online School is the next free service made by us to help those students need a free leader to help them. If you are interested to get one of our legendary leaders, please send a PM to @igfosbot If you are interested to work in IGFOS as a mentor, please send a PM to @myimecobot 💯More at: @myimeco
2018/07/08 16:01
💎Math LAB is also available on Facebook! Subscribe to Math LAB in Telegram and Facebook. Cool?! More groups coming soon...🤩
2018/07/06 20:11
🔊Follow us on social media to have the latest news🔊 ✅Telegram: @myimeco ✅Facebook: @myimeco ✅Linkedin: @myimeco ✅Twitter: @myimeco ✅Instagram: @myimeco ✅Patreon: @myimeco #social_media Just click on the social media name in list above to open the page😎 Please #share this as much as you can. More info at @myimeco 😉
2018/07/01 23:07
IMECO hosts for topical groups of mathematics. Talk to experts of each topics in topical groups: ✅Math LAB: ✅Geometry LAB: ✅Number Theory LAB: ✅Algebra LAB: ✅Combinatorics LAB:
2018/06/29 11:48
💢The ION students' registration platform is ready to use... Link: Description at @iXplore 💪Proudly powered by @myimeco
2018/06/26 19:50
🎉🎉Wow! Now +100 members Amazing! Join Math LAB 📄to enjoy LaTeX technology 🔐to have High secutiry. Protection by Dr.Web 🎮to Play mathematical games! 👥to Chat with your friends 👨‍🏫to Ask your questions from best Olympiad mentors For the first time in Telegram. Certified by Telegram, ESET. UL IMECO Thank you for your support
2018/06/18 15:28
Our data is protected under a DMCA certificate. If you see any copy of our contents on the net without our name, please share the link and content to @mydmcabot. Thanks a lot, @myimeco
2018/06/14 16:23
This is where I post thoughts about IMECO in a slightly less formal and more direct way than in the official IMECO blog (~70% of which is also written mostly by yours truly). Also we will have more interesting things.✌️😉 ⚠️Subscribe only if you're a hardcore mathematics fan. @iXplore
2018/06/10 07:26
Functional Equations By Amir Hossein Parvardi The best FE book of the year👌 Purchase now: More info at @intlmathasc
2018/06/01 07:21
Dear customers, If you have problems with connection to your telegram, we recommend you to use @mymtprotoproxy It is fast, free, fresh, scalable. The best proxies ever Sponsored by IMECO.
2018/05/31 10:57
Cheetah Geometry challenge 2018 By Niloufar Shadan - Tahmineh Tavakkoli @myimeco
2018/05/26 18:43
150 nice geometry problems By Amir Hossein Parvardi @myimeco
2018/05/25 16:43
We are working to create 🤩IMECO Open Network - I O N🤩 A #TON based economy. We are about to change the world😱 Coming soon...
2018/05/18 12:10
As we have some reports from iran, telegram is blocked there😔 But hopefully all the users can easily access telegram with following proxies😃 Don't leave us... We will keep going with #digitalresistance ✌️😎 @myimeco
2018/05/01 06:39
As you know some governments like Iran and Russia are trying to block telegram application. So as #Pavel_Durov said we will be a part of #digital_resistance. We won't leave telegram and will stay here. Below is the list of some free vpns which you can use them to connect if your country is trying to block telegram. But be sure they can not do this. As #Russia couldn't.(more at @durov) Please enter the following information in Telegram>Settings>Data and Storage>Proxy settings. We will provide more free servers with co-operation of #Telegram team 🔜 Server 1:(Russia) 🇷🇺 PHOBOS-1 IP: Port: 1090 Login: 424117620 Password: bHqcvgUZ Server 2:(Russia) 🇷🇺 DEIMOS-2 IP: Port: 1090 Login: 424117620 Password: bHqcvgUZ Server 3:(Germany) 🇩🇪 Germany, Frankfurt - IMECO PRIVATE IP: Port: 10080 Login: tgfree_user Password: laip3Ez6 Server 4:(Netherlands) 🇳🇱 Netherlands, Amsterdam #1 NL-X1 / NLX IP: Port: 1080 Login: 424117620 Password: bHqcvgUZ Server 5:(Poland) 🇵🇱 Poland, Warsaw DVL IP: Port: 1080 Login: 159481415 Password: CZd6KNMX More free servers at @TgProxies Thanks to all teams🙏 Follow us on social media as @myimeco 😎 #Digitalresistance
2018/04/30 19:45
Why IMO 2018 will be hosted in Romania🇷🇴? ✅Read at: More at: @myimeco
2018/04/21 17:16
Just motivate❤️ You can reach anything if you want #Quokka_Plus #Motivation Subscribe to @myimeco to motivate more
2018/04/15 18:32
​​⭕️Join IMECO B E T A Community⭕️ For better quality and better editing in our projects, we've created a community for those who are interested in editing and helping us. Note that this community has a limited number access and the permission will be given only to those who apply sooner. If you are interested to join the community, please apply via @myimecobot . The community admin will read your request and you will be added to the community if you are accepted by the admin. Anything will be FREE More information at @myimeco
2018/04/14 12:42